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Digiware has stood out for providing the best technology solutions in the market, validating its functionality, relevance and support, allowing us to offer alternatives with higher quality standards, adjusting to the specific needs of our clients and providing ongoing support through the implementation and support for each tool.

Digiware currently provides sales services and implementation, 7/24 support, as well as post-sales support for the following solutions.


Cyberark is a company focused on solutions for information security, especially in protecting one of the weakest links in the security chain; superusers, where through specialized solutions ward off attacks on the most important asset: information.....More www.cyberark.com

The safety of VoIP has generated a number of significant threats, therefore Redshift has developed solutions that cover and protect this attack vector. Specialization in development and ingenuity of its redshift solutions make it a unique solution for our customers...

More  www.redshiftnetworks.com

Azuan ® Technologies is committed to protecting the identity of users, regardless of their work environment. Azuan solutions are geared to meeting the needs of massive corporate authentication, ensuring that any user, anywhere, can perform transactions over the Internet, without worrying that his or her identity might be stolen....More www.azuan.com

Company leader in product development for information security, includes in its portfolio SecureFile allowing streamlining and automating file transfers with trading partners, customers, employees and internal processes.

Provides a high level of control throughout the organization and detailed audit of actions, enabling strict compliance with security policies and standards including PCI, HIPAA and state, national or local privacy laws.

On the other hand end-to-end testing is a validation service of secure development and code review application, which identifies security vulnerabilities at the application level and generates recommendations to address them. Lastly, with Guardium WS you have a Security Platform and SOA governance that manage service life-cycles and enable security mechanismssemantics (according to use) for exposure and consumption thereof....More www.itac.com

Visibility is one of the most important components of any security strategy, to achieve control of internal devices is very relevant, for this reason ForeScout offers relevant technology to monitor, detect and implement controls to measure trends like BYOD or third-party controls...Morewww.forescout.com

Database security, the ability to control the defense of applications through WAF (web application firewall) and protection of shared file servers are some of the capabilities of Imperva, one of the most reputed companies in security information. In fact, recently the WAF has been categorized as a single product in the Gartner lead offer.....More www.imperva.com